In the Spring of 1982 Glenn Lancaster, John Saltsman Jr. and Ronald and Micheal Sonnie purchased property from Bill Moncur DBA Bill’s Hunting Club, Marion Illinois. The name was changed to L.& S. Hunting Club. The L was for Lancaster and the S was for Sonnie and Saltsman. At that time I didn’t know what a wonderful and interesting adventure we had purchased. My job was to book all the hunts and manage the entire clubs operation. Bill Moncur operated one of the best hunting clubs in Southern Illinois and we had a lot of pressure on us to uphold that tradition. After our first very successful and a awesome season the Sonnie’s and John Saltsman Jr. wanted to sell the club for a very nice profit, but i took my option in our contract to purchase.

In March 1984 the name would be changed to L & D because John Dannheiser and Micheal Dubber would join Glenn in the ownership of the club. The new name change L. for Lancaster and D. for Dannheiser and Dubber would become a name well known because of it’s harvest record among Waterfowl hunter across the country.

In January 1987 Glenn and John purchased Micheal Dubber’s share of the property and continued on as one or the premier hunting clubs in the country with a very interesting article in the Wall Street Journal about us using old car tires for decoys and how successful or harvest numbers have become.

In October 1994 Glenn purchased John’s interest in the club and it became known as Glenn’s Hunting Club. The club has been operated with the help of his brother LD Lancaster since that time.

At one time we were hunting nine pits but now we have scaled back to hunting three of the best pits. We have one water pit on a three acre lake and two land pits. We are a private club but will book parties of four or more. If you have a party of eight you can lease the club for the day (Guides Required)

This is the history of our club. Hope you have enjoyed reading it and if you are looking for one of the best Goose hunts ever just give us a call (270 724 0305)